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Eddie Murphy shops ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ television series

Eddie Murphy wants to bring “Beverly Hills Cop” to the small screen. The actor starred in the film of the same name, which was released in 1984 and starred Murphy as wisecracking detective Axel Foley. The movie grossed a whopping $316,360,478 worldwide at the box office and spawned two sequels.

MTV reported that Eddie Murphy and Shawn Ryan began the process of pitching a “Beverly Hills Cop” television drama to various networks on Aug. 28, 2012. Murphy and Ryan have joined forces with Sony Pictures Television on the project. Murphy plans to make cameo appearances on the show, appear in the pilot episode, and be an executive producer for the series.

Eddie Murphy has been planning the series for some time, and he even discussed some of the details with Rolling Stone last year:

“What I’m trying to do now is produce a TV show starring Axel Foley’s son, and Axel is the chief of police now in Detroit. I’d do the pilot, show up here and there. None of the movie scripts were right; it was trying to force the premise. If you have to force something, you shouldn’t be doing it. It was always a rehash of the old thing. It was always wrong.”

The accomplished 51-year-old actor and comedian is a frequent topic of discussion on the hit television series “Hollywood Exes” thanks to his ex-wife Nicole Murphy, who co-stars on the show alongside the ex-wives of Prince, R Kelly, Jose Conseco and Will Smith. Eddie and Nicole were married from 1993 to 2006; they share five children. He also has a child with former Spice Girl Melanie Brown, who is known to fans as Mel B.

Eddie Murphy’s “Beverly Hills Cop” television series should be interesting if any networks are willing to take a chance on it.Image


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